Ben Janszen

Chief Mate Expert, CMO, Founder


Mcrae Williams

Athlete Ambassador, Utah Area Sales Rep.



Zach Mason

Maker of Mixed Media, Camera


From The Founder

Hello world! A big thank you to everyone who is hip to Yerba Cha and a big welcome to anyone who’s about to be :) I am Ben, the founder and creator of Yerba Cha. I created Yerby as a better way to enjoy life as a whole. Yerby helped me find creativity I had left untapped, energy I didn’t know I had and a relationship to my body and mind that have become my compass for health and lifestyle. I am proud and excited to share this unprecedented blend of superfoods and adaptogens in hopes it has a positive impact on your life and others around you. I encourage you to share Yerby in community which is traditional in South America where the plant is known to be popular. Drop me a line with any time with comments, concerns or curse words you may have. I love to hear from the fans and the (few and far between) haters, but I know they’re out there. Thanks for partaking in this crazy journey to spread Yerby across the world! - Ben

Energy +

adaptogens +

stress reduction =


manufactured and distributed in rollinsville, co