for the first time ever, now you can have yerba mate blends with the worlds highest quality adaptogens and mushrooms. every ingredient carfeully selected so you can sustain your Body and Planet.



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From The Founder

Hello world! A big thank you to everyone who is hip to Yerba Cha and a big welcome to anyone who’s about to be :) I am Ben, the founder and creator of Yerba Cha. I created Yerby as a better way to enjoy life as a whole. Yerby helped me find creativity I had left untapped, energy I didn’t know I had and a relationship to my body and mind that have become my compass for health and lifestyle. I am proud and excited to share this unprecedented blend of superfoods and adaptogens in hopes it has a positive impact on your life and others around you. I encourage you to share Yerby in community which is traditional in South America where the plant is known to be popular. Drop me a line with any time with comments, concerns or curse words you may have. I love to hear from the fans and the (few and far between) haters, but I know they’re out there. Thanks for partaking in this crazy journey to spread Yerby across the world! - Ben

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